Available in 5kg or 10kg bulk supply and made to order.  We can do most options coated in Milk or Dark chocolate.  Panned products can be dusted with a  variety of coatings eg Cocoa dusted.  If you can't see what you want,  please contact us for more information.

Milk Chocolate Coated
Milk Chocolate Almonds


Milk Chocolate Pretzels


Milk Chocolate Raisins

 Milk Chocolate Peanuts





 Milk Chocolate Cranberries




ChocolateWorks Made in AotearoaChocolateWorks Made in Aotearoa
Milk Chocolate Dimply Raisins


Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts



 Milk Chocolate Macadamias




Milk Chocolate Hazel Nuts



Salted Caramel Cashew
Dark Chocolate Coated
Dark Chocolate Almonds



Dark Chocolate Mints


Dark Chocolate Ginger


Dark Chocolate Macadamias 


Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans


White Chocolate Coated
White Chocolate Almonds


White Chocolate Hazel Nuts



White Chocolate Macadamias 




White Chocolate