Contract Manufacturing

Whether you need 20kg or 20 tonnes of chocolate we can make it for you!

ChocolateWorks take pride in our flexible approach to contract manufacturing. We enjoy well-established relationships with partners from all scales of enterprise, whether it be a local Macadamia grower or a major international snack brand.


Chocolate Coated
Contarcty Manufacturing Chocolate

As a manufacturing partner, ChocolateWorks will work closely with customers to achieve the absolute result they desire. This could be as make-to-order from our current range, or alternatively manufacturing to the customers unique specifications, using individual designs and ingredients.

ChocolateWorks can also conduct commercial trials and establish accurate manufacturing costs based on labour, material usage and yields for our food industry clients.

We strive for accuracy and quality in every aspect of the manufacturing process. ChocolateWorks are equipped to pack as bulk product or into retail packaging, depending on your individual needs.

ChocolateWorks manufacturing services include:

  • Moulded Chocolate, solid or hollow
  • Chocolate Pan Coating
  • Small to large scale manufacturing.
  • Make to order or to customer design
  • Commercial trials
  • Product costing
  • Bulk supply or Retail pack
Chocolate Egss Manufacturing

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